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About the creators

SuperFreaks was created based off of the forum fiction by the same name that was created by Matt Summers.  It is written by Matt Summers, drawn by NJ Huff and colored by Ben Fleuter.  Updates are weekly on Fridays until further notice.

Matt Summers is the writer for a slew of online comics, including Tales of the Traveling Gnome, Tales of Pylea, and Knights of Vesteria.  He has been writing for more years than he cares to admit, and devotes a lot of time to the online communities that he is a part of.  He lives in the hills and mountains of Virginia with his wife and son, and spends much of his day trying to get those elusive winning lottery numbers lined up correctly so he could do this sort of thing for a living and not just as a hobby.

NJ is a comic-making machine from a small town you never heard of in Oregon. She is the artist for SuperFreaks and the creator of the webcomics Emergency Exit and Undead Friend, and co-creator of Chronicles of Avernyght with Mary Sneddon. NJ is currently a student at a community college and plans to transfer to a university to obtain a degree in art. Long-term goal is to be a published comic artist.

Born in California and later journeying into the frigid Oregon wastelands, Ben "Bean" Fleuter is a gaming nerd through and through.  ...Years later, he would force ideas from his head into the mysterious realm known as Internet.  Said ideas took the form of a webcomic called Parallel Dementia, which would be about ANGST and killing things in cool ways.  Ben also attends high school.

SuperFreaks is hosted on ComicGenesis, a free webhosting and site automation service for webcomics.